good practice scheme


Recognising our Commitment to Quality

Our practice is a member of the British Dental Association’s Good Practice Scheme – the leading quality assurance framework for UK dental practices. 

This means that our practice is committed to keeping up to date with and providing quality dental care to nationally agreed standards of good practice in order to provide the best care for you – our patients.

“West Coast Dental Care is very proud to be recognised as a Good Practice Scheme member. It is the leading quality assurance programme for dental practices in the UK and is recognised as such by our patients and peers. The best thing about completing the scheme was that it was a real team effort with everyone contributing – which is exactly what the Good Practice Scheme is all out – teamwork. For our patients, they can see we are committed to their care and have evidence that the practice provides a quality dental service and keeps up to date with current guidelines.”

Martyn Thomas, Practice owner

By displaying the current year on the Good Practice Scheme plaque, this demonstrates that our practice membership of the Scheme is up-to-date.

GPS team and plaque

The Scope of the BDA Good Practice Scheme

While the Scheme and member practices can never guarantee satisfactory treatment outcomes or oral health gain, we can say that there is a greater likelihood of satisfactory treatment in a practice which observes the Scheme requirements. If structures and processes are right then outcomes are more likely to be right too. As members of the Scheme, our practice will:

  • Carefully look at the service that is provided and compare it against nationally recognised standards of good practice for patient care
  • Be assessed by the British Dental Association
  • Regularly carry out internal checks on working methods
  • Make the Good Practice Scheme commitment

The BDA Good Practice Scheme Practice Quality Statement

As part of the Good Practice Scheme all members of our dental team have made this commitment:

  1. We involve our patients in all aspects of their care and ensure that their needs and preferences are considered and that they can take informed decisions
  2. We ensure a safe environment by undertaking risk assessments and managing potential hazards within the practice. We follow current guidelines for preventing cross-infection
  3. We recruit staff that are competent to undertake the duties associated with their role and provide training where required. We encourage on-going professional development for all members of our team
  4. We monitor the quality of the service we provide and seek the views of our patients to identify opportunities for improvement.

Patient Feedback

We hope that you are always satisfied with our service.  We are happy to receive positive feedback as well as suggestions on developing our service to patients.